Countersinks & counterbores


Fluted countersinks are generally used to machine countersinks in holes to except countersunk head bolts or screws.Countersinks range in diameter and seat angles-e.g.60,82,90,100,120 degrees.

Cross Hole Countersink

Cross hole countersinks are used for deburring,chamfering and countersinking and are extremely effective with light metals,plastics and aluminium.


Counterbores are used to produce a counterbore recess in material being machined to except a cap head screw or bolt head.Once produced the counterbore recess does not allow the screw head or bolt head to protrude above the machined surface. Counterbores are available either with fixed or interchangable pilot.

Cross Hole Countersinks
Typical Counterbored hole

Recess produced by a counterbore.